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Below are some of the many items we have for sale.

Unique coffee tables

A unique table made from Waratah star pickets. With a timber top for $250 or $200 for the frame only.

Darth Vader burner

Light up Darth Vader and you'll be the talking point at any camp ground!

Doggie bowls

$10 for the small single bowl. $15 for the twin small bowls. $20 for the large single bowl. We have a large + small bowl combination for $25.

Boxes galore

We can make boxes to suit any dimensions you provide us.

Winter warmers

Looking for that perfect small oven for your camper trailer? We have various sizes of heavy duty fireplaces to suit your needs.

Benches and stools

We have many silky oak benches and stools for sale.

Restored antique wheelbarrow

Talk to us about a project you might like restored.

Kitchen boards

We have a number of wooden items for your kitchen.

Heavy duty steel frame

This steel frame is just what you need for those heavy duty shed jobs.

Toy or Blanket boxes

These sturdy boxes are ideal for storing those winter blankets or toys in the kids rooms.

Wooden toy trucks

Check out our truck, loader and tractor toys.

Party trays

Take this party tray filled with nibblies to your next BBQ.


We make lots of useful items with recycled timber.

Bird traps

Trouble with pesky Myna birds? Here's just what you need.

Charging docks

Hide all those electronic cords with one of our recycled timber charging docks.

Camping fireplaces

Just add a fire and you can heat, warm and cook your own meals.

'His' and 'Hers' party trays

'Hers' has room for a wine glass and canapés, 'His' takes a stubby, nuts and chips.

Planter boxes

A great vertical garden for adding colour to your walls.

Water or feed troughs

Leave under a dripping tap to make a water trough. Available with floats if desired. Just connect to your garden hose for a permanent water supply. They make great feed trays as well for variety of small animals.

Christmas trees

No need to complain about your Xmas trees losing their needles with one of these recycled timber trees.


Interested in an outdoor stool made from silky oak?

Outdoor furniture

We can make tables, benches or planter boxes.

Mini oven and heater

Your perfect travel companion for heating up meals.

Toy and blanket boxes

The perfect box for any room.

Boot extractors

No more trouble getting your boots off with these boot extractors.

Coffee and bedside tables

Beautiful silky oak tables for any room in the house.

Lamp stands

Silky oak table lamps. You just add the cover of your choice.

Cutting boards

Hundreds to choose from and made from a variety of timbers.

Lolly dispenser

A 'must-have' for your kitchen bench.

Doggy bowls

Bowls that won't get knocked over!

Egg cups and Salt & Pepper shakers

These will be the talking point on any breakfast table.

Wooden accessories

Hat racks, bowls, games .... you name it, we can make it!


Toys for boys and toys for girls.

Wooden crosses

Hold the cross and feel the healing power of the Lord.

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